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Our purpose is to partner with God’s Church in building His Kingdom here on Earth, as individuals passionately pursuing His Presence.

May His Kingdom be fully experienced and exercised on Earth as it is in Heaven through signs and wonders with great grace. We offer ourselves to you with God’s blessing as we journey together in seeing His Body, the Church, become one. May your life be filled with His Grace and Mercies and that faith would abound in you the more.

From the Heart

In Hot Pursuit – What Does It Take
2 Timothy 2:22

As we move into a new year consider how or what you desire. Some call these desires New Year’s resolutions, goals, or life adjustments. Whatever they are called it is important to move forward, growing and developing character. Moving forward in life is important. Doing nothing (standing still) is the new backwards because everything is continually moving.

The challenge for each one of God’s creation is the pursuit of His presence (righteousness, faith, love, and peace). Pursing God’s presence may have many labels. For the sake of space and time here are four key areas that can assist in the pursuit of His presence.

  1. Passion: Passion can be defined as that intense, drive or conviction. For anyone to fully achieve and maintain that lasting desire is to be passionate. Without passion we do not remain consistent and we will eventually fall back into the old habits or patterns. Desire plus effect equals passion. King David longed for God as the deer pants for water (Psalm 42:1)
  2. Plans: These are the methods or process of achieving our schemes or designs. Not only does one need passion but there needs to be plans or steps to accomplish the desired end state (result). God has formed us and laid out good plans for us to live, prosper, succeed and life well in the land. However, sometimes we want our own plans and then things do not work out. We need to plan to go after Him and what He has planned for us, His presence.
  3. Purpose: This is known as intentional course of action with determination. As we continue to pursue His presence we need to have clear reason and intentional purpose in our passion and plans as we purpose to enter His presence. God has a purpose (Romans 8:28) and one of those things we need to do is get in His presence to fully know and understand what that purpose is and how are we called.
  4. Prize: An exceptionally outcome for fully completion of that what was desired. Just as a runner, runs to win the prize we do must run (give it all) and go after the prize (goal, resolution, life adjustments) of His presence (1 Corinthians 9:25). Running a race is no cake walk, but a race that must be won!

As we carefully examine these four areas and apply them to our actions and daily lives we can move closer to attaining God’s presence. This pursuit does take passion, plans and purpose to achieve the prize of His presence. However, there is a first and important step – knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior. If you do not have personal relationship with Him you can do so today.